Here’s a sample of the works carried out with La Casa del Pintor’s products, by both individuals and professionals.

A Shop’s Façade

Fachada Lorca Antes
Fachada Lorca Después

The before and after of this La Casa del Pintor’s shop façade in Lorca. For the painting we have applied “Decotex Elastic Smooth Colours”, which has a 10 years warranty.

Concrete Flooring

Pavimento Hormigón Antes
Pavimento Hormigón Después

Printed concrete floor arranged in the perimeter of a swimming pool. The work has been carried out by applying 2 layers of Resimor M42 resin for printed concrete.

Restoring a Terrace

Restauración terraza antes
Restauración terraza después

Restoring a terrace in Caravaca de La Cruz. Waterproofing has been carried out with Red Guadaelastic and in the vertical parameters; the Atrium Stony Plain was the chosen product.

Industrial Warehouse

Nave Industrial
Nave Industrial

Products of our represented Hempel Paint have been used on the floor of the Cehegín warehouse to obtain a flawless finish.