Pinturas Guadiel

As manufacturers, we handle the development, production and packaging of paints, supported by an R+D+I technical team.

Pinturas Bruguer

Belonging to the Dutch multinational Akzonobel, it focuses on decorative paints. With its latest collection “Colours of the World” we traveled to 14 destinations with 54 available colours.


Experts in the finish, protection, care, treatment and decoration of wood. They are high-tech products offered since 1994.


They have been manufacturing tools for the painter and decorator for more than 60 years. Like us, they are looking for you to do your work in the shortest time possible and are committed to continuous innovation.



This is one of the Royal Talens Company brands, whose foundation dates back to 1899. It has a wide range of auxiliaries and accessories, essential in almost every painting technique, such as watercolor, gouache or pastels.



They are specialists in paints and coverings for the industrial, naval, container, nautical and decoration markets, with a strong commitment to the environment


Since its birth in 1984, they are strongly committed to the environment and sustainability. Decorative, indoor and outdoor paints, enamels and tools, among others, make up its catalogue, a reference in creativity.


Since 1969, this group specializes in wood coverings. In their manufacture they aspire, as in La Casa del Pintor, to offer the highest quality.


Since its birth in 1925, it is responsible for the development, production and sale of high quality electric and pneumatic tools. It also has system accessories and materials for professional users.



This brand, present in more than 40 countries around the world, focuses on floor coverings and wall panels. Combining durability, innovation and quality are some of the principles we share with them.